Model SH235
Middle Section 500x350x50mm
End Cap 250x350x50mm

Hot Sale Model, half yellow and half black on one piece.

Rubber Speed Humps are made of premium quality natural and synthetic rubber blend. It has high resistance to severe impact and brutal weather conditions. It is design incorporates inter-locking system.. i.e, passing of pipe through the centre hole of speed bumps which binds then perfectly. Round edge at both ends of speed humps provides a smooth edge and shape for easy roll over of vehicles reducing the speed up to 10km/hr. The pre-color material(Yellow/Black) provides permanents coloring, hence there is no need of painting it again & again. For night vision, Reflectors/Glass Elements are fixer on both sides of speed bumps. Speed humps find their place for installation in city area. Residential and Commercial Complexs, Shopping malls, Hospitals, Industrial Premises, Check Post, Loading Area, Hotels, etc..

1.Black & Yellow color combination for greater visibility.
2.Moisture & temperature resistant.
3.Modular design provides easy installation.
4.Reflectors & Glass Elements provides better night vision.
5.The design on the speed Humps makes easy drainage of rain water.
6.Rubber as a base material helps it in making better grip on the road.
7.Instant installation with the application of epoxy and bolts.
8.No need to paint again & again due to pre-color, hence painting cost is NIL.
9.No chance of getting flattened or worn away by vehicle tyres & atmospheric conditions.

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