Color fading problem of rubber speed hump

Q:Why some yellow rubber speed humps fade quickly?

A:We always produce and install the rubber speed hump one section yellow and one section black, but some yellow sections are fading quickly, it is caursed by 3 main reasons.

1st. Material

We use natual rubber and reclaimed rubber.

Considering about the cost, most rubber products are produced by reclaimed rubber, the yellow color is not fresh and won't keep long time.

2nd. additive

In order to manufacture good rubber speed humps, natual rubber material is not enough, additive is also important.

We use diferent "additive" mixed with rubber material, the quality of toner and UV-anti composition are very important to the color fading problem.

3rd. cooking time

The last reason is cooking time,there are different thickness of rubber speed humps, the thicker,the longer cooking time is required.

For example, the 5mm thickness product, we always cook it over 20min. if less than it, the color will also fade faster than usual.


Now let's look at the picture to have a visualimression:


The 2pcs speed humps had put outside over 18months together when we took the picture.

1. "Material" A is made of natual rubber and B is made of reclaimed rubber.

2. "Addisitive" it's hard to tell

3. "cooking time" both ok

We can find they are totally different after 18months,but 18months ago, they look similar.

We can also find if we put some water on the speed hump, the colar will become fresh again, yes, it's true. So if we install the speed hump on the place where there is much rain,they will keep fresh better.

And if there are many vehicals go over the speed humps, the tyres will grind/rub the fading level, the speed humps will keep fresh better.


Anyway,rubber product will be aging,a good product will stay good status for longer time, no problem for 2-3years by usual use. But a poor product may be fading after only 2 or 3 months.


                                                                                                                 By Alex Zhuge